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My life is woven together as an Artist and a Teacher.
Paper card by Teresa Ray, Teacher and Calligrapher

What is Artists Who Teach About?

Mission Statement

Artists Who Teach,, is a non-profit organization for the Artist who is also a Teacher. It costs nothing to join. Retired Art Teacher, Leighann Foster, is the founding Artist/Teacher of this on-line gallery showcasing over 526 artists. 
In recruiting Artists, Leighann looks for a developed portfolio of work that reflects study, knowledge, quality, consistency, and a personal statement that communicates direction, purpose, and thought. Only an artist with a personal web site is considered. The site must be professional looking, free of advertisements and banners, and the viewer must be able to go directly to the artistís web page and not through another site. One of her objectives is to keep AWT clean, easy to navigate, attractive, and professional looking. Leighann asks those who are interested in the jury selection to join AWT to look at the web site first. Get an idea of the high quality of artwork and professionalism to see if you fit in before contacting her.

One of the goals of the web site is to bring together, honor, and respect the profession of Teaching. These Artists have a through knowledge of Art and Teaching and should be admired for their unique position, high achievements, and talent in both disciplines.

The second goal is to provide another avenue to market the Artistís work, art classes, and workshops. The listed instructors offer a wide variety of disciplines, teaching techniques, and styles for every studentís taste. Other Artists discover this is a place to find a workshop to study with a long admired Artist/Teacher and many Teachers use AWT as a reference guide for their own students.

The artists listed are currently teaching, not teaching at the present time, retired, rehired, part-time, full-time, participate in school visits, home schooling, or produce instructional videos. They may instruct on the public, private, or college level. Some are institutionally or privately educated and some are self-taught. Many have years of experience and are well known or famous and some are just starting a teaching career. The subject of the teaching assignment does not matter as long as Art is produced along with the teaching experience. For instance, you may be a Biology Teacher who makes sculpture or a Painter who teaches Art.

The viewer can see all of the artists one-by-one, or view them alphabetically, or through the 29 disciplines. In this way the artists get multiple opportunities to be seen. The artistís name, URL, one work, a short biography, or statement is shown in the listing. The visitor can then click on the artistís web address and see the personal web page to learn more about his or her work, workshops, and classes.

In the side bar on the home page you will see an extensive list of Links, a list of Famous Artists in History who were Teachers, How to write an Artistís Statement and photographic help by Jason Smith of West Rim Designs, our Web Host. Jason has written a book for download for painters who are serious about capturing quality and consistent images of their work for a reasonable charge. Take a look at News and you will find seven full-page ads for AWT in American Style Magazine.

The latest addition to AWT is a list of Artists who provide Critique Services and Online Classes. If you want your work critiqued, contact these artists for an immediate response to you most current work. If you are interested in an on line class you will find several disciplines to choose from.

If you are interested in joining AWT, email Leighann at Thank you for visiting Artists Who Teach. Registered Copyright, 2008 - Dynamic Website Solutions